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Vintage African Safaris: Intimate Camps With Personalized Service

Lebala Camp - Kwando Safaris

With over one million acres of land for our private use, Kwando Safaris focuses on the one thing we have in great abundance -
wild wild Africa. Think intoxicating sunsets, tranquility and endless horizons: your safari at one of Kwando’s six camps is immersed in the remoteness that is hallmark of a high-quality wildlife experience. 
That sense of isolation is never felt for a second, for the warmth and care of the professional Botswana staff who host you on your safari experience will ensure you feel like part of the family. 
Sharing a fireside story under the glow of the stars and the thrill of quietly observing a lioness and her cub, are just some of the memories that will stay with your for life. Kwando specializes in night and day game drives as well as guided mokoro canoe tours throughout the Okavango region. There comfortable camps and ensuite tents are spacious and very comfortable.

Each of Kwando’s spectacular camps are set in unique and diverse wildlife destinations. The Kwara Reserve in the Okavango Delta is 175,000 hectares while the Kwando Reserve in the greater Kwando-Linyanti region spans 232,000 hectares (that’s 30 times the size of Manhattan!) and only has only two camps as well. Our Tau Pan camp is just one of two camps within the vast expanse of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, while we are the only camp within Nxai Pan National Park, with the best access to the magnificent Baines’ Baobabs.

Game Drives - Day and Night

Game drives are undertaken in custom designed Toyota game viewing vehicles seating no more than six guests at a time in 3 rows of 3 seats. Guests are guided by a two person team of professional guide and tracker - a special feature of the Kwando Safaris wildlife experience. The two person team enables the guide to communicate points of interest and the complex interrelations that exist throughout the natural world, while the tracker ensures no sightings or tracks are missed.  The evening/ night drives are a Kwando Safaris speciality. The drive starts in the late afternoon as the day’s heat is declining. After a leisurely pause for the traditional sundowner, and as the African day is transformed into a soft colourful evening canvas, the night drive begins. The mystery unfolds as the creatures of the night, especially the predators, are revealed by spotlight, often unexpectedly.

Walking Safaris

Walking in Africa's wild areas is the only way to truly appreciate the natural environment. While game viewing from a vehicle allows one to see more animals as you traverse much greater distances and get much closer to animals safely, there is nothing as awe inspiring and humbling as observing wild animals on foot. Many smaller species of plants and insects, tracks and signs are all easily missed when in a vehicle. Game walks are not hikes; they are slow comfortable strolls meant to provide you with a chance to experience the wilderness at a natural pace. Any walk can be combined with a game drive or mokoro and the length of walk can be adjusted to suit your personal desires or level of fitnes



wilderness safaris & camp portfolio

Founded in Botswana in 1983, Wilderness Safaris is widely acclaimed as the continent’s foremost ecotourism operator, dedicated to conserving and restoring Africa’s wilderness and wildlife. We do this by creating life-changing journeys for our guests in some of the most remote and pristine areas in Africa – and in so doing help conserve Africa’s spectacular biodiversity and share ecotourism’s benefits with the communities that live alongside these areas. Our camps are luxurious but are designed to have the lightest possible impact on the environment – if they have to be moved in future, they will leave no trace they were ever there."

Our safaris change the lives of not only our guests, but also our staff, neighboring communities and the very ecosystems that we operate in. Africa is enormous and diverse, which means that the experiences we offer vary tremendously, from country to country and region to region. Wilderness introduces you to every aspect of Africa: from relaxing in camp and dining in the bush to observing nature unfold in the African wild or getting to know our staff, their heritage and culture.