Fitzpatrick’s at Jock

Kruger National Park



Jock Safari Lodge - Legendary Experiences in the Kruger National Park!

Step into the welcoming arms of a lodge with character, people with heart and the bushveld alive with possibility. We are the luxurious, tranquil and knowledgeable safari experience you have been wanting to take, in the heart of the Kruger National Park.

The lodge with 6 000 hectares of natural landscape offers guests one of the  best Big 5 game viewing experiences in South Africa with its exclusive riverbed traversing rights

The nearby Fitzpatrick’s at Jock, offers personal service in an intimate atmosphere. Perfect for small parties and families. Each of the 3 luxurious suites are equipped with their own viewing deck, indoor or outdoor showers and guest amenities. While the dining and entertainment area offers both alfresco and indoor dining facilities allowing guests the unique opportunity to experience the gracious style of old world elegance surrounded by unspoilt wilderness.


Luxury Rooms

Room Configuration
3 King/Twin bedded luxury rooms. Room 1 is completely private with its own deck and plunge pool while Room 2 & 3 have been enclosed to create a family unit with two luxury suites with bathrooms, sharing a private foyer, deck and plunge pool.

Room Features
• Air conditioning
• Private minibar
• Hairdryer
• Tea and coffee making facilities
• International dial telephone
• Electronic safe
• Ceiling fan
• En-suite bathroom, with outdoor shower

Lodge Facilities
• Rock swimming pool
• Lounge with television
• Second lounge with fireplace
• Perimeter electric fence

Activities & features:

Game Drives & Walks

Morning and evening drives are performed in covered 4x4 Game Viewers conducted by highly experienced rangers.

Traversing through the concession, the wildlife is sometimes staggering in its diversity. Enthralling sightings of elephants, a sea of buffalo horns rising from the grass as they lie resting in the growing heat as well as prides of lions, awaits one.

At dusk, a vantage point is chosen overlooking one of the many breathtaking vistas of the Kruger National Park. Sundowners are enjoyed while tales of the bush are told and a glimpse of what this unique wilderness has to offer is seen while being entranced by the ever changing colours of the sky as the sun slips into the timeslot of tomorrow. En route back to the lodge, nocturnal animals such as leopard, hyena and lion are often seen.

Walking Safari’s are encouraged, after a hearty breakfast, moving through the veld enjoying vistas of unsurpassed beauty and discovering one’s place in the cycle of nature. The diversity of fauna and flora in this unique concession truly comes alive when 

Pilgrims Rest Spa at Jock

Pilgrim’s Rest, named after the quaint historical mining town featured so prominently in “Jock of the Bushveld” and still in existence today, was a place to rest, rejuvenate and restock. So too is the Relaxation Retreat at Jock Safari Lodge.

The Pilgrims Rest Retreat offers an escape to enjoy some pampering. Awaken your senses and allow us to rejuvenate body, mind and soul. Inspired by surrounding elements that guide us, our selection of body and beauty treatments cater for men and women.


For the avid birdwatcher, abundant species of bird are regularly seen on the concession including raptors such as the Martial, Tawny and Fish Eagles as well as Steppe Buzzards.

A wide variety of Bushveld Birds are spotted from the comfort of ones room or whilst lying next to the Rock Pool. Most commonly seen are Hornbills, Starlings, Boubou’s, Shrikes and Woodpeckers to name but a few.

The tranquil atmosphere at the Lodge allows for unique birding opportunities as man slows down, finding the rhythm of nature and begins to truly observe.

Rock Art

Throughout the concession, rock art sites dating back more than 3 000 years are found depicting the spiritual beliefs and lives of the San. During their travels, members of the tribe would congregate around a communal fire, weaving stories and celebrating the gift of life while the Shaman would meditate through rhythmic dancing, singing and clapping and while in a trance, receive visions and guidance. This medicine man would ensure the well being of the tribe, protecting them from evil and sickness, predicting the future and ensuring good hunting and rains.

These experiences of the Shaman were depicted to the tribe in the form of the rock art seen today. The various sites that were chosen were also very symbolic, the rock depicting the medium between the different realms the Shaman had travelled in his trancelike state. Rock was the medium where 3 worlds met: the world as we know it, the world above and the world below.

Ingredients used for the paint consisted of red ochre, animal bones, coal and aloe sap. The sap and protein in egg and blood have the ability to preserve the art that exists today. The highlight of a day in paradise is a guided walk to view some of the rock art that abounds in and around Jock Safari Lodge. One gets a heightened awareness moving through the bush on foot and a newfound respect for the San who found a way to co-exist with Nature, leaving only a few mystical daubings on the rocks as proof of their fleeting visit and the simplicity of their ways, giving one a new understanding and meaning to our fast paced existence.

Fauna & Flora

Personally assigned rangers will delight in sharing their knowledge of this astounding natural treasure trove of the bushveld and slowly the mysteries of the wild unfold.

Jackalberry trees older than written history are pointed out and the myriad of insects, birds, mammals and reptiles that exist in this leafy ecosystem are explained. The sheer wonder of Mother Nature at work in this microcosm makes one eager to experience and understand more and to experience untouched Paradise in its pure form.

The Amarula tree, so very African, can be seen overflowing with baboons plundering the juicy fruit while keeping a wary eye out for the leopard that abound in the Jock concession. Taste the Sour Plum and sense a taste explosion or spot the various plants with medicinal values ranging from stomach cures, cures for hangovers or even a bush Viagra!!

The vast expanse of this wild land slows one down and with this inner peace comes an ability to really incite the senses.

Every game drive is a discovery of Nature and the magic of Fitzpatrick's at Jock.

Kids on Safari

Fitzpatrick’s at Jock is a 3 room stand-alone lodge offering families personal service in an intimate atmosphere. Upon arrival the host and/or ranger will discuss activity options with the family taking the family’s size, children’s ages and the weather into consideration. Child minding is available at an additional cost. Each child will receive a gift pack containing small gifts, most of which they can use during their stay at Fitzpatrick’s at Jock.

Outdoor Activities

Visit the Stevenson Hamilton Museum in Skukuza
On route to and from Skukuza they will enjoy a game drive (in closed vehicle) which will stop at all the lookout points to enjoy refreshments
Junior ranger training while on kiddies drive
Night walk within the camp
Arts, Crafts and Games

Indoor Activities

Play dough session
Mini Chef’s
Arts and crafts
Puzzles of varying sizes and difficulties covering a broad
A selection of entertaining and educational children’s books
A selection of fun board games

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The most amazing and memorable 3 days - truly fabulous in every way!
— Traveller 2018