Campi Ya Kanzi

Maasai Wilderness



Campi ya Kanzi (Swahili for "Camp of the Hidden Treasure") is a luxury eco-tourism safari camp located in the Chyulu Hills of southeast Kenya near Tsavo West National Park.  Our camp offers private, professionally guided safaris and a unique experience unlike any other available in East Africa, complete with breathtaking landscapes, abundant wildlife, and authentic immersion in Maasai culture.  We are a long-time leader in the eco-tourism sector and have won many awards, including the Tourism for Tomorrow Award, the Eco-Warrior Award, and the Condènast World Savers Award. We were the first lodge to receive a Gold Eco-Rating from Ecotourism Kenya, and we were recently accredited as a Global Ecosphere Retreat.

Campi ya Kanzi stands out among local safari camps because our guests can walk and hike alongside wildlife instead of staying confined to a vehicle - truly a rarity in Africa.  Our camp is near national parks but not in them, so guests can enjoy all the wildlife of the parks without any of the restrictions.  In addition to hiking and traditional game drives, our guests can also ride horses, go mountain biking, and take scenic airplane flights.  We also have a pool, a hot tub, and professional masseuses.

Thanks to our private location, an intimate experience is guaranteed.  We are the sole safari camp in an area covering four hundred square miles of wilderness.  We accommodate a maximum of twenty-four guests and personally customize every safari experience.  With a Maasai guide and tracker for each outing, we can truly promise an unforgettable safari.

Our six luxury tented cottages and two luxury tented suites provide supreme comfort year-round for up to sixteen guests, and the private Kanzi House can be booked in exclusivity to accommodate up to eight.  Full board is included; our chefs will delight you with both Italian and African cuisine.

Campi ya Kanzi promotes responsible tourism and gives back to the local community.  We employ seventy Kenyans, and our business supports our sister non-profit, the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, which provides conservation, education, and health services across Kuku Group Ranch.  We also provide a model for sustainable operations through rainwater collection, solar electricity, solar heating, graywater and blackwater recycling, and much more.


Luxury Tented Cottage

The classic safari experience under canvas. Enjoy the luxury of a comfortable bed, a full en-suite bathroom, and a gorgeous view from your private veranda. Make yourself at home in the midst of stunning wilderness.

Luxury Tented Suite

For the ultimate in safari comfort, try one of our two tented suites. More spacious than our tented cottages, each suite features a large bed, an expansive en-suite bathroom, a full cabinet/dresser set for two, an indoor seating area, and a covered veranda for viewing the amazing wildlife at our watering hole.

Kanzi House Luxury Villa

While our tented cottages and suites offer the classic safari experience, Kanzi House caters to families with children and to guests who desire more resort-like features. One of the very few private safari villas you can rent in Kenya, Kanzi House sleeps up to ten people in three double bedrooms and two twin bedrooms.

Featuring a Jacuzzi, an 18-meter swimming pool, a pool cottage, a fire pit, and astonishing views of Mount Kilimanjaro, Kanzi House provides a luxurious private experience while allowing guests to explore the savanna around Campi ya Kanzi. Dining can be arranged either inside or out; al fresco dining is available next to the pool or in the open dining area beside the pool cottage.

Eco-sustainability has not been compromised at Kanzi House. Unlike the pools at many lodges, our pool does not use water that is delivered to camp or pumped from a borehole. Instead, the pool water is collected from the rains and filtered for swimming. The pool also serves another function as our anti-fire reservoir.

Activities & features:

Hiking / Safari Game Drives

Campi ya Kanzi sits alone within 283,000 acres (400 square miles) of the most pristine part of the Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystem, directly in the migration corridor between two of the most legendary national parks in Kenya.

With us you can do more than just stretch your legs, you can walk for days. Stroll down through the foothills to the granite-topped outcroppings at the edge of the savannah and climb up for a view of the Savannah.

Take a longer day hike across the hills and plains, accompanied by your experienced Maasai scouts, learning to read the signs of the animals and hearing how the landscape was formed, crossing over ancient lava flows and ending in a tented camp under a baobab tree for the night. Or, best of all, take the rarest of walks up into the Green Hills and through the Chyulu Cloud Forest: wild forest hogs, rare Turaco birds, huge silver-cheeked Hornbills, antelope, elephant…all under the cool shade of giant strangler fig trees that rival the strangest most mystical trees in the world.

Fly Camping

Step back in time to the elegantly simple safaris of Ernest Hemingway and Denys Finch Hatton. Back in the 1930s, before in-flight movies and infinity pools, explorers enjoyed a different kind of luxury: the serene splendor of unspoiled wilderness.

Fly camping at Campi ya Kanzi is a tribute to a bygone era, a blend of old Africa and modern comfort in a pristine, timeless landscape. Imagine tracking elephants with a Maasai guide before cozying up to the fire with a glass of fine wine and a view of Mount Kilimanjaro. Eat a three-course dinner under a sprawling shroud of stars. Then retire to your tent with a kerosene lamp and a warm Maasai blanket. You can even take a hot bucket shower to keep with tradition. Who needs five stars when you can sleep under a billion?

You may be asking yourself, "What is a fly camp exactly?" A fly camp is a simple, mobile camp in a remote area. 
Fly camps were once used by hunters who needed to pack light and move quickly in order to follow game.
The fly of a tent is the top outer layer that shelters the structure from the elements. If hunters were in a hurry, they could
sleep under a fly without pitching a tent.

At Campi ya Kanzi, "fly camp" has a dual meaning because we also fly to the location. Guests enjoy a short, scenic
flight to and from the fly camp in our giraffe-spotted bush plane, soaring over green hills, lava forests, and herds of hartebeest 
and elephants. Our fly camp is located in Motikanju Conservancy, 
a private nature reserve within Kuku Group Ranch that is dedicated to wildlife and free of human presence.

Campi ya Kanzi guests who would like to experience an authentic, old-fashioned safari in "Out of Africa" style 
can request to go fly camping as a special added activity. This is offered as an extra for those who would like to 
try something new and spend a night away from the main lodge. The rustic charm of the fly camp has captured 
many hearts and imaginations, and it is a beautiful place to make safari memories.

Visiting Orphaned Elephants

For a truly unforgettable experience, book an overnight excursion to Ithumba Camp in Tsavo East National Park, where the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust raises orphaned elephants and reintroduces them to the wild.

We will fly to Ithumba in the morning, arriving just in time for the daily mud bath. You can help the keepers feed milk to the elephants and then watch them splash in the water. In the late afternoon, we will meet the young elephants again as they retire to their shelters.

We will spend the night at Ithumba Camp. The next morning at 5:30 am, you will be awoken with tea or coffee in your tent. Then we will drive to the stockades for the morning feeding. It often happens that orphans who have graduated from Ithumba will return to visit as adults, thus allowing for close interaction with wild elephants.

After lunch, we will fly back to Campi ya Kanzi, passing over the Tiva river and the wilderness of Tsavo. 
This is where Beryl Markham once flew when helping Bror Blixen on his hunting safaris.

Kilimanjaro Flight

Should you wish to fly over the Snows of Kilimanjaro or The Green Hills of Africa (the Chyulu Hills) or over the magnificent wilderness of Tsavo West and/or Amboseli National Parks, in search of elephants, our commercial pilot will be delighted to assist.

Flying next to the highest mountain of Africa is amazing: you will see the snowy peaks, the forests, the valleys of the old lava flows.

At sunrise, and with a pinkish dawn embracing the Mountain, we will fly next to Mawenzi – the second highest peak, then toward Kibo, Kilimanjaro’s highest peak We will see the Shira Plateau, and in distance Mt. Meru.

You will feel like the first pilots experiencing pioneering flying over Africa. Being so close to Kilimanjaro is fascinating. 
We remain in the Kenyan airspace and we fly just 5 miles from the peak: very impressive!

We will come back toward the Chyulu Hills, flying low level in search of the elephants, which we see most of the time. 
After landing, a table will be waiting for you in the savanna, with a fabulous vista of the mountain where you just flew over.

A champagne breakfast, in the savanna, with eggs and bacon cooked on a bush fire… Do not miss the experience of a life time!
Flying early morning is extremely comfortable; the air is not moving and you will have an incredibly smooth flight.

Horse-back Riding

Imagine Mount Kilimanjaro wrapped in a soft, purple light with the snow on top reflecting the first sun of the morning. Listen to Africa as she wakes up at dawn. Birds are singing, zebras are snorting, and the wind is whistling through the acacias.

You are in the middle of it all, riding a horse through a herd of hartebeest. This magical experience will remain with you forever.

After your ride, raise a toast to the great greatdoors as you sip champagne at a peaceful bush breakfast.

Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a simple, natural, effortless procedure practiced 20 minutes twice each day, while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed.

It’s not a religion, philosophy, or lifestyle. It is the most widely practiced, most researched, and most effective method of self-development.

Our teacher has more than two decades experience and in three days will teach you how to meditate. The course takes just an hour a day and will not limit your safari activities.

TM technique develops a healthy, creative, peaceful individual.

Kilimanjaro and the Green Hills of Africa are the perfect setting where to get in touch with your soul…

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