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Maasa John

Masaa's story is simple. A Kilimanjaro boy from Masaailand, Masaa always knew he wanted to be a safari guide. He climbed to the top of 'Kili' on 30 separate occasions before the age of 30. He completed his guide training in Kenya, then found his way to Nomad, and joined the team in Sand Rivers Selous. He's always loved the northern circuit, so it took no persuading to get him into the Serengeti where he's now one of our Northern Guides. He is full of knowledge, not just on the wildlife, but also the history of the people and culture of the communities that live around the Serengeti. Masaa is our go-to man for insights into the ways of the Maasai and is a great story-teller.

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Wilfred (Kakae) Saiteu

Wilfred, athough some guests may remember him as Kakae, has traveled from the top of the mountains of Greystoke Mahale to the wide Rufiji of Sand Rivers Selous, and then up to the far north of the Serengeti and Lamai. There is very little of Tanzania's national parks that he hasn't passed through.  Kakae has led a interesting life and we are always learning something new when we get him talking. With a degree in Wildlife Conservation and Management to his name, Kakae found a job working with Norwegian geologists carrying out 'Limnology Studies' at Lake Natron. Every evening they would sit around the fire telling stories of African and European cultures and their respective wildlife, and the more Kakae spoke of his love for the Tanzania wilderness, the more he realized there was a lot more to life than brine and sodium carbonate!  He's been guiding for Nomad for a number of years now, fascinating all our Greystoke guests with his general knowledge and passion for the chimps.


Filbert Mbise

Born and brought up in his hometown of Arusha, Filbert has been surrounded by the bustle of the safari business most of his life. He decided at a young age that this was the path for him, and he took himself off to college where he studied to be a guide. When he qualified in 2011, he was among the lucky few who found himself with a coveted position as a guide at Greystoke Mahale. 

Filbert relished the remoteness and beauty of the Mahale Mountains, where he could indulge in his special interests of birding, studying the chimps and a little light fishing on the side. Never turning down a challenge, he is now based in the Serengeti, moving with our mobile Serengeti Safari Camps.


Chediel Mnzava

Chediel, or Chedi as he's known, is one of the brightest stars of the Nomad guide stable. He's been with Nomad since the old Nomad Safari Guide days of 1999 and is one of our most experienced guides; and rarely without a smile on his face.

He has travelled all over Tanzania, with his many safari followers, and loves to be away from a vehicle and heading across country on foot. For him, it's not just about the big five, he is just as happy showing off cool beetles and bugs that cross his path. 


Geoffrey Manangwa

Geoffrey was brought up at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro (which he is proud to have summited) and has spent most of his adult life guiding guests around northern Tanzania’s best wildlife areas. He is married with three children, the eldest of which is studying sociology at college. Geoffrey’s particular passions while out on safari are cats and primates, which he will happily spend hours watching. He appreciates the small wonders of the bush too, and once diverted his game drive from lion watching to witness two snakes try to consume the same frog. This episode ended badly when the smaller snake ended up getting swallowed too. Geoffrey brings his linguistic skills to our guiding team, caring for our French-speaking guests, and particularly enjoys taking families out for an adventure.


Sylvanus Mbise

Sylvanus is an Arusha lad, born and raised here in Northern Tanzania. His father was a teacher and his mother tended their family farm while they put Sylvanus and his siblings through school. Encouraged by his highly practical father, he initially trained at a technical college where he learned all sorts of artisanal crafts such as masonry, mechanics and plumbing. That’s how he first joined Nomad, as a “fundi” working at Sand Rivers Selous, and this is where the natural world first attracted his interest.

He returned to Arusha and decided to take a bit of a change in direction and pursue a career in guiding, which he did initially with Mt Meru Tour Guides, and then shortly after with Nomad. His first step was as a transfer driver but it quickly became evident that he had the makings of a natural guide. He moved to Chada Katavi where he cut his teeth in one of the wildest parks in Tanzania, and spent the wet season helping the guiding teams in the Serengeti and Selous. In 2010 he became a permanent Northern guide, although he’s fond of those areas of Tanzania where he started out.