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front row seating to one of Earth’s greatest events - the Migration

It is no wonder that the spectacular Serengeti is the iconic wilderness safari destination. This vast East African conservation area – comprising 15 000km² of savannah – is one of the last areas on Earth where you can get a front-row seat to the Great Migration. Few lifetime experiences can beat that of watching over a million wildebeest plus hundreds of thousands of gazelles and zebra – followed by their predators – embark on a 1 000km-long circular trek through unfenced Kenya and Tanzania  in search of seasonal pasture and water. This natural spectacle is both thrilling and profoundly moving. But with its high biological diversity (it is home to over 100 mammals), the Serengeti also offers rewarding year-round adventure and intimate wildlife experiences, with exceptional, high-density game viewing as well as significant large predator-prey interactions.

Follow the Great Migration in our Migration Planner and see what months best suits your journey and plan accordingly.

Explore the best of the Serengeti on one of our pre made safari itineraries or modify to fit your budget & style and Craft Your Custom Safari to the Serengeti. Should you want to explore the Serengeti and include Kenya’s Mara, please view our Serengeti & Mara combos safaris. We offer 4 styles of safari travel to help you plan your safari. Livingstone Luxury - for luxury camps and services, Classic for our first time safari travelers, Heritage or Vintage which is best suited for photo safaris or those who want smaller less crowded experiences and the Adventurer - for off the beaten path, active or 4x4 self drive experiences.


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The great Migration

a once in a lifetime experience awaits


Please refer to our Great Migration Planner page should you wish to plan a safari to witness the Great Migration. You can view our tope rated and recommended Migration safari lodges below. Most camps offering the best front seat are mobile and move with the Migration depending on month of the year. Our team are migration experts and for the serious photographer, we can connect you with our guides should you have specific interests and requirements.

best time to visit Tanzania

The best time to go to Tanzania for the Migration is between November and August, but you will need to plan it right to catch the action, find our more about the best time to see the wildebeest migration. General game viewing is the Serengeti and Tanzania’s other park is during the dry season which is from June to October. Mount Kilimanjaro is best to be climbed between July and October or January to March, while the best time to enjoy Tanzania’s beaches and the island of Zanzibar is between the months of August and October - avoid the coasts during the wet season from March to May.

The vast majority of the Migration occurs in Tanzania’s Serengeti and the short period that it moves into Kenya’s Masai Mara coincides with peak safari season. Both countries offer equally thrilling – but different – aspects of the Migration. The overlapping portion of their journey is the crossing of the Mara River at various points, which we explore in more detail below. Having been to each of the Migration destinations listed here, we know that each lodge and camp offers a unique experience and atmosphere. It’s our job and our pleasure to give you independent advice and match you with the perfect lodges and itineraries. Here are some things to keep in mind when booking and planning a Migration safari – but don’t hesitate to chat to us for one-on-one advice.

The famous river crossings

From the northern Serengeti, the herds must take to the water to get back to the lush and replenished grasslands of the Masai Mara. This usually starts in about June (at the Grumeti River) and continues into July and into early August (at the Mara River), although these timings depend entirely on East Africa’s rainfall, which may vary from year to year. Stragglers may still be crossing much later in the year. Not all the wildebeest cross at the same place. There are several famous crossing places, like ‘Paradise Crossing’ and ‘Crossing #4’, that are used every year – this is how guides know where to more or less position their vehicles and wait for the first wildebeest to cross. Naturally, if you’re on the Tanzanian side of the Mara, you will see them leave; if you’re on the Kenyan side, you will see them arrive.

If you want to see the river crossings, the most important thing you need to know is that the best lodges fill up months in advance. We recommend booking up to an entire year ahead of your visit to ensure you your first choice of accommodation. One of the benefits of traveling to Africa between June and August for the river crossings is that this period is considered to fall in Africa’s peak game-viewing season. Less rainfall at this time means that vegetation is sparser (so visibility is better) and animals are forced to concentrate around the last remaining water sources (so wildlife is easier to locate). It is Africa’s mild winter so the weather is also cooler.

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top serengeti safaris

We offer 4 styles of safari travel to help you plan your safari. Livingstone Luxury - for luxury camps and services, Classic for our first time safari travelers, Heritage or Vintage which is best suited for photo safaris or those who want smaller less crowded experiences and the Adventurer - for off the beaten path, active or 4x4 self drive experiences.

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serengeti safaris

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top serengeti safaris


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Top Rated serengeti Lodges & camps

Combine any of our lodges to create your own personal Serengeti adventure.

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Livingstone Luxury Lodge

singita faru faru lodge.jpg

singita portfolio - grumeti reserves

faru faru

Classic Villa


nomads tanzania - family safaris

mkombe’s house

Livingstone Luxury Camp

singita sebora tented camp.jpg

singita portfolio - grumeti reserves

sabora plains tented camp

Classic Camp

Asilia Namiri Plains Camp.jpg

asilia portfolio

namiri plains camp

Heritage Camp

Sayari Lodge.jpg

asilia portfolio

sayari camp

Heritage Camp

nduntu mobile tented camp

lemala portfolio

ndutu mobile tented

Heritage Camp

serengeti five star camp.jpg

5 star permanent camp

serengeti bushtops camp

Classic Camp

Heritage Camp

singita mara river tented camp.jpg

singita portfolio - grumeti reserves

mara river tented camp

Livingstone Luxury Lodge

sasakwa_garden_dinner-min1 2.jpg

singita portfolio - grumeti reserves


Heritage Camp


singita portfolio - grumeti reserves

singita explore camp

Heritage Camp

lemala mara camp.jpg

lemala portfolio

mara camp northern serengeti

Heritage Camp


legendary expeditions

mwiba tented camp

Heritage Camp


elewana portfolio

serengeti migration camp

Classic Lodge

mwiba lodge.jpg

legendary expeditions

mwiba lodge

Classic Camp

Livingstone Luxury Villa

singita serengeti house.jpg

singita portfolio

serengeti house

Heritage Camp


lemala portfolio

ewanjan tented camp

Heritage Camp


nomads tanzania

lemai serengeti camp

Classic Camp


asilia portfolio

dunia camp

Classic Camp


elewana portfolio

serengeti pioneer camp

Heritage Camp


elewana portfolio

acacia migration camp

Heritage Camp


serians portfolio

serian the nest

Classic Camp


asilia camp - migration mobile tent camp

kimondo camp

Heritage Camp

mbali mbali serengeti.jpg


mbali mbali serengeti

Heritage Camp

lemal kuria hills lodge.jpg

lemala - northern serengeti

kuria hills

Livingstone Luxury Camp


mobile camp- (december - march)

nasikia camp

Heritage Camp

nimali central serengeti camp.jpg

central serengeti

nimali central serengeti

nakisia mobile tent camp.jpg

mobile tent camp - (june-October)

nakisia camp

lemala nanyukie camp.png

lemala portfolio



top rated serengeti mobile camps


top serengeti mobile tent camps - & beyond

serengeti under canvas


top serengeti mobile tent camps

serian’s serengeti south camp

top serengeti mobile tent camps

serian’s serengeti north


top serengeti mobile tent camps - migration - asilia

ubuntu camp migration


top serengeti mobile tent camps - asilia

olakira camp


top serengeti mobile tent camps

serian’s serengeti mobile lemai


top serengeti mobile tent camps

serian’s serengeti mobile kusini


best Serengeti travel experiences


Our Tanzania experiences can be combined to create the perfect safari.

Year Round Game Viewing of the Big 5

Nothing beats the exhilaration of tracking and then finding an elusive animal. Daily morning and evening game drives to get you right up close to the myriad wildlife species that call this wilderness home. Study and photograph the big cats of the area at your leisure, and absorb the astonishing sight of massive herds of wildebeest appearing to take over the plains. Our guides share their profound knowledge of the flora, fauna and birds of the Serengeti with you as together you explore the finest corners and hidden secrets of this African Eden.

tanzania has many Great Experiences for First Time Africa Travelers

Experiences like Hot Air Ballooning: Nothing can beat the feeling of gliding silently over the game-filled plains on a balloon safari, as the early-morning sun rises over the horizon. Typically, a balloon safari begins at around 6 am and lasts for one to two hours. Balloon safaris (additional cost) in the Serengeti take off from designated sites in the nearby Seronera area. The safari is followed by a champagne breakfast in the bush, a fitting end to a memorable flight in the wild. Available at these Serengeti camps: Namiri Plains, Dunia, Sayari, Olakira North, Olakira South, Ubuntu North.

bush breakfast in the wild

Maximize your time on the game-filled plains and enjoy uninterrupted game viewing, by taking a packed breakfast or lunch with you on a game drive to enjoy in a shady spot. Dinner can be arranged out in the bush for an unforgettable dining experience under the African night sky.

insight into local culture

Most of our camp guides and managers are drawn from local communities. They are always eager to give interested guests deeply personal insight into the rich culture that defines these corners of East Africa. Visits to nearby communities and homesteads are easily and enthusiastically arranged. When nomadic Ubuntu, Kimondo and Olakira are camped in the north (July to October) you can visit the nearby local villages for a glimpse into the traditional way of life and culture of the Kuria people. Spend a morning or afternoon visiting a traditional homestead, school or the marketplace (where you can shop for crafts and handmade souvenirs) or be entertained by local Kuria dancers. At Sayari you can also stop off at the community vegetable gardens – mentored and sponsored by our partner operator - Asilia – to gather organic fresh produce for your evening meal.

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