Segera Retreat

Wilderness Collection



Place: Overlooking snow-capped Mount Kenya, luxurious Segera Retreat is found on Laikipia’s savannah grasslands, home to the second-highest density of wildlife in Kenya. Game drives, nature walks and cultural activities showcase the environment, facilitated by an Experience Host and Guide. 

Accommodation: Beautifully renovated stables form the core of the main area, while six large luxurious villas rise on wooden platforms above a profusion of botanical life. The sumptuous Segera House and perfectly-positioned Villa Segera boast even greater privacy and luxury. Throughout, the Retreat and its gardens are filled with selected paintings and other art from amongst Africa’s most inspiring artists from the Zeitz Collection. Other delights include a spa and gym as well as the unique NAY PALAD Bird’s Nest. The sumptuous cuisine comprises Segera’s own free-range beef and organic vegetables

Purpose: Segera is a tangible example of successful multiple land-use efforts and proof that luxury can be sustainable. 

Unique Selling Points 

  • Distinctive camp: design, art, service, 4Cs activities menu

  • A relaxing contrast to the migration experience, with a range of activities

  • Conservation corridor between western and eastern Laikipia, enabling free movements by elephant, Grevy’s zebra, wild dog


Standard Villa(s)

Segera accommodation consists of six private two-storey villas of wood and thatch that gaze out over the Laikipia Plateau towards the spectacular Mount Kenya. Within the privacy of the villas, a large bedroom and en-suite bathroom fill the upstairs space under spectacular timber trusses. A private sun deck in the garden offers comfortable sun loungers for soaking up the African sun and a swing bed for whiling the hours away; while a Jacuzzi bath, sunk into the deck outside the bedroom, has a pleasing vantage point.

Family Villa

1 Family Villa comprising one double and one twin room, each with an en-suite

bathroom and a shared lounge and deck area. Beneath the Villa lies an outside lounge

and two comfortable swing-beds.

Activities & features:

Segera Retreat - The Centre for the 4Cs (C4C)

This interactive experience allows you to learn about the activities on Segera and beyond. Part natural history museum, part art museum, part dreamer’s exhibition, a comprehensive tour will inspire you about the possibilities of holistic sustainability.

Segera Retreat - Game Drives

Wildlife can be viewed from 4x4 vehicles. Roaming freely though Laikipia, the area boasts the second highest density of wildlife in Kenya, including Endangered species such as patas monkeys, Grevy’s zebra and wild dog.

Segera Retreat - Guided Nature Walks

Set out under the African sun on foot and take in the beauty of the landscape and all the wildlife and birdlife it has to offer.

Segera Retreat - Hides and Look out Points

Spend time at our hides or look-out points and watch as the natural rhythms of the savannah play out before you.

Segera Retreat - Sundowners and Picnics

With such diverse and beautiful landscapes in the greater Segera area, it would be a shame to miss taking a picnic or sundowner out in the African bush.

Segera Retreat - Cultural Visits

Visit the local community, which offers a unique opportunity to learn from and about the people of Laikipia, their centuries-old traditions and ways of life.

Segera Retreat - Sleep-outs

Spend a magical and romantic evening out on your swing bed in the botanical garden or at the cattle ranch and soak up the African night.

Segera Retreat - Wellness Centre

Our culture of wellness is an experience that nourishes your entire being. The spa suites are complemented by the Rasul Tower with steam bath, saltwater swimming pool at the Retreat and a gym with state-of-the-art equipment.

Segera Retreat - Art Exhibitions

Enjoy regular exhibitions of locally and internationally acclaimed artists which allow you the rare opportunity to view the private contemporary African art collection of Segera’s owner.

Segera Retreat - Dining

With many fantastic indoor and outdoor settings, dining is seen as an experience at Segera. What’s more, our internationally recognised chef delivers delicious healthy meals from home-grown, organic and free-range ingredients.

Segera Retreat - Flying

Scenic light aircraft or helicopter flights can be arranged, offering a bird’s-eye view of the incredible landscape and insights into the ecosystem. Flying is one of best ways of appreciating the scale and diversity of the Laikipia Plateau.

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Pictures don’t do it justice! The Best Experience!
— Traveller 2018