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Explore the mighty victoria falls and her neighboring national parks for a deep appreciation of Africa’s wild side.

Zambia is the undiscovered treasure trove of Africa. It shelters extraordinary natural beauty and is one of the most pristine and unspoiled wildlife havens on the continent. It is easy to see why Zambia boasts one of the largest areas of land under protection as a national park in Africa. The thundering splendor of the Victoria Falls draws most visitors to this gentle and peaceful country. Less frequented than Zimbabwe, many travellers prefer to see the falls from the Zambian side and some claim the views are even more spectacular.

Reason to Visit Zambia

Victoria Falls - livingstone zambia’s adventure gateway

This charming colonial town, named after the legendary Victorian missionary and explorer Dr David Livingstone, was once the bustling capital of Zambia. Established in 1905 as the country’s key European settlement, it enjoyed the excellent facilities synonymous with high society – the town still boasts the elegant Edwardian architecture of this era. Today, Livingstone acts as Zambia’s adventure gateway, as it is conveniently situated near the mighty Zambezi River and the breathtaking Victoria Falls.

the view of a lifetime - from devils pool

Once a sacred site for the local tribes called Goat Island, this protected area only allows a maximum of 16 people on at any one time. For an exhilarating experience make a splash in the Devil’s Pool (dependent on water levels). This thrilling infinity pool peers over the brim of the largest curtain of falling water and is a breathtaking sight. This is no dip in a swimming pool, but a plunge into a magnificent natural body of water that boasts mezmerising views of cascading landscapes. Take a swim on the wild side; this is an experience you will never forget.

lower zambezi - land of the silent giants

The spectacular Lower Zambezi National Park spans 1 580 square miles of pristine wilderness. It is situated adjacent to Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools Reserve, creating a giant expanse of protected wilderness, and boasts breathtaking vistas of the Zambezi River, as well as lush riverine surrounds. It is not uncommon to see enormous herds of elephant along the riverbanks, as well as leopard, buffalo and lion. The park offers a wonderful collection of habitats, which are home to a superb diversity of animals.

africa’s top walking safari experiences

Pioneered in Zambia, a walking safari offers the ultimate opportunity to get up close with Africa’s prized wildlife and traverse her magical landscapes. The Lower Zambezi National Park offers excellent, tailor-made walking safaris in the company of expert guides. Immerse yourself in the park’s diverse habitats, stopping to learn about the fascinating flora and smaller creatures along the way. Scour the trees in search of birds and sit silently as you view larger animals, marvelling at the opportunity to reconnect with nature a safe distance away.

The renowned ‘Flight of Angels’

This spectacular aerial tour offers outstanding photographic opportunities, with unobstructed views for all passengers. Board a state-of-the-art helicopter and take to the azure skies, marvelling at the full expanse of the Falls, the glorious mist created as the waters tumble into the depths below and the colours of the rainbows splashed across the open vista. Fly across 5 580 feet of vast space, encompassing the mighty Victoria Falls and spreading out to the untamed nature along the river’s shores. Pass over the thundering Falls, soar along the meandering Zambezi River and the immense Batoga Gorge, then over the immense Zambezi National Park, easily making out the forms of the various wildlife species native to the reserve.


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From fishing to boat excursions, there are plenty of water-based adventures to embark on during your exploration of the Kafue National Park and the Kafue River. Avid fisherman can cast their lines into pristine waters to catch pike, barbel and bream, while scenic boat cruises, accompanied by a choir of grunting hippo and chirps of birds, offer exceptional photographic opportunities as the river attracts an abundance of wildlife to its waters.

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South Luangwa National Park


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Lower Zambezi National Park


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Kafue National Park

Discover iconic Kafue National Park

Established in 1950, Kafue is Zambia’s oldest national park. It is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in the world, spanning 22 400 square kilometres (8 650 square miles) of spectacular African wilderness. Spread over such a vast area, the Kafue National Park offers visitors excellent game viewing, birdwatching and fishing adventures. The beautiful Busanga Plains, in the north, stretch as far as the eye can see and are one of Zambia’s most significant wetland resources. Fertile dambos situated in the south are fed by the Lunga, Lufupa and Kafue Rivers – prime locations for viewing some of the 500 species of birds found in the park.

Hot Air Ballooning safari

A wonderful alternative to the typical game viewing activities, your hot balloon safari will take you over the magical landscapes of the Kafue National Park, where you will be able to spot a plethora of wildlife roaming below. After landing, celebrate your adventure with a delicious champagne breakfast

liuwa plains game reserve

Regarded as a “game reserve” from as early as the 19th century, by the Lozi people who were charged with looking after its wildlife by their Litunga (king), Liuwa Plains National Park was officially recognised by the government in 1972. Its remoteness, in Zambia’s far west reaches, ensures a wonderfully pristine wildlife experience where vast herds of wildebeest, wild dog and lion inhabit the region’s golden plains. The park is also home to a plethora of bird species making for ideal off-the-beaten-track birdwatching excursions.

Remote and wild, Liuwa is the rarely visited site of Africa’s second largest wildebeest migration. In November, you can encounter massive herds of the animals moving between the park’s various pans in search of water and grazing, accompanied by herds of zebra, as well as tsessebe and lechwe antelope. The hyena is the king of the predators at Liuwa and you can see clans of up to 50. Cheetah and wild dog are also encountered. While the park’s declining lion population was documented in The Last Lioness, the reintroduction of new blood has seen the first cubs born at Liuwa for over a decade.

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